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Quattro Sante” – Four [Female] Saints - takes its name from a word play on the “Quattro Canti” - The Four Corners - that define the historical center of Palermo, Sicily, the ancient city which has provided the distinctive recipes on which the company's products are based. At the top of each of these fountains stands one of Palermo's traditional patron saints (notably all female, emphasizing the woman-centered culture of the company): Ninfa, Oliva, Cristina and Agatha. Each patroness will have a particular liqueur associated with her with a special one reserved for a fifth saint - Rosalia - whose popularity quickly outpaced her four predecessors during the 17th century.

On a more personal note, Quattro Sante is the brainchild of an extraordinary family. Married for almost 30 years, Joe and Dawn Hayes are the proud parents of seven exceptional children: Joe Jr., Anastasia, Madeleine, Alessandra, Aidan, Adriano and Carlo. Due to Dawn’s position as a teacher and scholar of European history, the family has been able to enjoy together lots of summers in Sicily. It is these experiences on which the company's concept is based, one whose mission is to bring new drinks that capture essences of Italian cuisine to an American audience. In short, Quattro Sante is the realization of the family's long-held dream to share with the widest possible American audience little-known elements of one of the richest culinary traditions known.

A subset of the family, the company's members - Dawn, Ana, Maddie and Joe Sr. - bring critical skillsets to Quattro Sante. Ana’s background in the fine arts has helped us develop a striking brand identity for the liqueurs whereas Dawn’s teaching and research in European history helped inform the business’s concept. Maddie, who just recently received her WSET Level 2 certification in wine, brings to the company a developed palate that has been instrumental in refining the liqueurs' recipes. Joe Sr., on the other hand, is a senior software engineer in the private sector, having worked for numerous startups and corporations over his thirty-year-long career, including with Microsoft. His skills are critical to the company’s technological infrastructure.

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